Iridium Tracking Devices

eXtrac have a long association with Iridium Communications Inc, suppliers of the only truly global communications network that works reliably above 70 degrees North/South latitude.  Throughout this association eXtrac have used a variety of devices and pride ourselves on offering our customers independent advice ensuring the right device is chosen for the right task.

While eXtrac's personnel constantly monitor the market and evaluate many Iridium tracking devices, eXtrac currently recommend the following devices:

Yellow Brick

Yellow Brick

The Yellowbrick is a truly global communication and tracking system. It is a lightweight, IP67 handheld device which uses the Iridium satellite network to transmit your messages, and your location, from anywhere in the World.


The SHOUT nano is a pocket sized, handheld two way outdoor satellite messaging and GPS device for emergency/rescue, text messaging applications and location based services.

SHOUT Touch Screen

The SHOUT ts is the latest in the SHOUT range and shares the SHOUT nano's pocket sized design.  The TS is designed with ultra-low power consumption electronics and can last upto several weeks on a full charge.