RMA Sandhurst

Black Mountains, 2014 to date

Following on from the success of TenTors eXtrac were approached by the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) as our safety tracking system had been seen in action on the TenTors challenge.

RMAS hold exercises all year around in the Black Mountains and send Officer Recruits on a challenging multistage event after only 18 weeks of Army training.  The recruits welfare is of primary concern to the exercise coordinators and they needed a way to monitor the activity of the teams without interrupting the normal flow of the exercise.

The staff were unsure, based on their experience with previous systems, if eXtrac could deliver a reliable safety system.  However within hours of the start of the exercise the staff were amazed by the accuracy and simplicity of the eXtrac system.

Worries over teams going ’missing’ for hours were allayed by accurate positional information. The facility to be able to send messages to the teams meant if they were geographically embarrassed ExCON could put them back on track.  This meant where teams would previously have been removed from the exercise early, more valuable training time was made possible and the recruits gained experience learning from their mistakes.

eXtrac deliver a fully managed service to RMAS which reduces the need for extra training and we are on hand if anything should go wrong.  It also releases them from any equipment husbandry overheads as we manage all that as part of the service.

eXtrac continue to support RMAS and they have nothing but praise for the eXtrac system.  They have stated they would not want to run Ex Long Reach without our system as it gives them real peace of mind and allows them to concentrate on exercise scenarios and training rather than looking for ‘lost’ teams.