Global tracking solutions

At eXtrac we pride ourselves on delivering systems that meet, and in many cases surpass, our customers’ expectations.  We get to know our customers and try to understand their needs and requirements before suggesting what we believe is the best fit option for their situation.

In general we offer three levels of service as follows:

User Managed Capability

We would deliver a complete system to the customer for them to manage and use that is designed to meet their requirements, this could include:

  • All equipment, manufactured to an agreed specification
  • System delivered to site
  • Full user training course, delivered on site
  • Support, on site, during first deployments
  • Telephone support
  • System warranty
  • On-going system support

Fully Managed Service

We will deploy to any location on a service delivery basis to fulfil the customer’s requirement, which would include:

  • All equipment, including spares
  • Set-up of system
  • Remain on site for the duration of the task
  • Manage the system and interfaces
  • Dismantle and recovery
  • Equipment failures and breakages covered

Partly Managed Service

Similar to the Fully Managed Service with the following exceptions:

  • Basic user training delivered on site
  • User manages system and interfaces
  • Telephone support
  • On-site support if required

If however if the above services do not fulfil your needs and there is another option you would like to discuss then please feel free to get in touch.